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Gum Surgery

Gum Surgery in Uttam Nagar

Gum disease is primarily caused by bacterial plaque, a thin film of food remnants and bacteria that builds up on tooth surfaces when oral hygiene is inadequate or inefficient. As the gums become infected by the bacteria, the body responds with inflammation, a defensive mechanism aimed at isolating the bacteria and destroying it. Controlling gum disease and ultimately restoring health and appearance to damaged gums and tooth-supporting bone requires aggressive treatment. The inflammation becomes chronic and damages the surrounding gum and bone tissues. This causes gum attachment and supporting bone to be lost from the teeth, creating spaces between the gums and teeth known as periodontal pockets. The progression of periodontal disease becomes a vicious cycle: As the pockets deepen, dental hygiene becomes less effective. If want to protect your teeth from this problem then, just visit us. We offer this treatment in the best possible way and the best cost. So, avail our services now to get rid of it.

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Welcome to Prakash Dental & Maxillofacial Clinic

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